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Elise Marchal is a creative lead, environmental designer, scenographer and ceramist.

I post-graduated in 2017 with a master in environmental design in École de Design at UQAM in Montréal.

I worked in public and private agencies and have evolved through several related fields: placemaking, architecture, environmental design, immersive installations and events.

With six years of experience, I worked 360° on several brands around environmental design, experiential and immersive space, scenography and retail.

I have a strategic and creative mind that allows me to understand the ecosystem of a brand to create immersive installation that place people at the center of the experience that they will remember.

My motto is to answer the "why" we are doing what we are doing. 


Photo by Johanna Barlet


Creative leadership, scenography, environnemental design, art direction, 3D, renders, illustrations

Curriculum Vitae

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